Millionaire cake

Our Millionaire Cake is based on a classic Millionaire Shortbread! A delicious toffee and Chocolate flavoured Sponge Cakes swirled together, filled and topped with Luxury Caramel and Rich Chocolate Butter Icing. This cake really does have the 'wow' factor, and is a dream for those with a sweet tooth.

Product type:Slice
Number of Portions:14
Size:9 inch Cake
Portioned / Unportioned:Portioned
Frozen Shelf Life:18 months
Shelf Life after defrost:5 days
Defrost instructions:Defrost at room temperature for 6-8 hours
Special Dietary qualities:Vegetarian
Allergen Declaration:Contains wheat gluten, egg, soya and milk.
May contain traces of tree nuts, peanuts and sulphites