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Welcome to Cake!

Cake is a family owned business created in 2011 by my parents. It was designed to meet a need in the Market for high quality, handmade and affordable Cakes, traybakes and scones.

Now nearly 8 years on, Cake has grown more than we could have imagined. With great input from my wonderful team here at Cake we have created a range of new and innovative products to WOW your customers.

At Cake each and every one of our products are made by hand using only the best free range eggs and then carefully packaged into 100% recyclable packaging. This way we can guarantee that each product will look as though it has been freshly made for you and your customers. Each product is portioned, then immediately frozen to lock in its freshness, allowing you to defrost pieces at a time.

I hope you enjoy exploring the range. If you should have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Just to provide you with that extra reassurance that we do things properly, our bakery has BRC Food Safety certification – AA Certified. Food safety is extremely important so please feel free to download a copy of our BRC certification below.

  download our BRC certification    

Bakery Manager : Lauren Ingram
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Lauren has worked in the bakery for the last 7 years, recently taking on the management of Cake and helping the team to produce innovative and delicious bakes for everyone to enjoy!

Phone : 0141 353 6777
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