Hints & tips

Here we have listed some helpful hints and tips on getting the best in our products.
Frozen Round cakes;
  • Remove the protective collar whilst still frozen. This will ensure that you don’t lose any of the yummy topping on the side of the collar.
  • Store our cakes ambient, ideally in a cake dome to really show them off. If you need help finding the perfect cake dome- please feel free to speak to us- we have some fantastic recommendations. If you do want to chill them, ensure they are covered. We pride ourselves on how moist our cakes are, and a chill tends to remove some of that moisture.
  • Traybakes also look fantastic displayed under a cake dome.
  • When storing traybakes, we recommend they are stored ambient, in an airtight container to ensure they stay fresh and crunchy.
  • Please always check the label as each product has a different shelf life once defrosted.
  • Remove film before defrosting as certain product may stick to the packaging.


  • Allow to defrost and store ambient for up to 3 days. The fresher the better.